All Secure Guidelines

In this taxing and uncertain time, show organisers are going above and beyond to ensure we protect our colleagues, exhibitors, visitors and delegates. We believe when we next meet in organised industry gatherings, our program of enhanced measures will provide all with the assurance and confidence our shows and events have health and safety as our number one priority.

The objective of this document is to provide a best-practice guide to industry colleagues who are responsible for organising and delivering organised industry events, trade shows and exhibitions of all sizes, in all locations.

We believe in order to do this we must work collaboratively with our stakeholders to ensure the biosafety measures we have in place are practical, effective and considered best practice for the industry.

It may not be required nor possible to execute every action, and so these principles are designed to encourage focus on biosafety measures. In some jurisdictions, biosafety measures will be mandated or prescriptive and, in such cases, will be followed as a minimum guideline.
Communication among all stakeholders is a critical success factor in this program achieving its overall objective to provide assurance and build confidence for all people who participate in and visit our organized industry gatherings.

This proposal outlines What measures show organisers are taking to ensure the health and safety of all visitors, exhibitors, contractors and staff particularly in response to COVID-19, How these measures are being implemented, and Why it’s an important component of the industry’s All Secure Guidelines.

Read the full proposal here.

This proposal is a collaboration between Informa, Reed, Clarion, Tarsus and Emerald, within SISO.

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