Trade exhibitions generate return on investment (ROI), creating business value and economic growth for Thailand. However, as the industry evolves, there is a noticeable shift in priorities. Beyond financial metrics, there is a growing recognition of the importance of emotional experiences and creating a Return on Experience (ROE) that goes beyond the tangible. Hence, integrating traditional or pop culture into exhibitions is vital to create a memorable experience. 

In the current exhibitions landscape, the emphasis has shifted from mere transactions to fostering meaningful connections. The creation of ROE involves curating experiences that transcend the boundaries of a trade show, leaving attendees with lasting impressions. Exhibitions can integrate culture & authenticity to create a sentiment that takes place in all action and activities throughout the stay including the interior design of the event, the serviceability of transportation, hospitality etc. Thailand stands out as a fascinating multicultural nation, renowned for its exceptional cuisine, travel offerings, and top-notch service, these as a prime tool for crafting immersive and contribute to a more profound and lasting impact on attendees.  

Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) aims to create ROE by supporting exhibitions both Thai and international events; to be a linkage and channel to underscore Thailand’s potential as a dream destination and maintain reputation of Thailand and how the country perceived among the international community. For example, AFECA 2023 in Bangkok is a showcase Thailand’s cultural heritage and our top-notch service on the global stage help Thailand position itself as a cultural hub, influencing global perceptions and drawing in MICE travelers.  

As Thailand continues to drive cultural initiatives, the exhibitions industry becomes a powerful instrument for showcasing the nation’s cultural tapestry, ensuring a legacy of influence and impact that extends far beyond the confines of exhibition halls.