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The Resilience of the Exhibition Industry

Barry Siskind In 2010 I wrote a blog for UFI titled, “Success Attributed to Resilience.” The impetus for me writing that piece was the eruption of Eyjafjallajökull in Iceland that caused enormous disruption to air travel across Northern and Western Europe which in turn forced many trade shows to either postpone that year, or limp along hoping that next year would be better. So far, the current global pandemic has caused serious damage to every aspect of our lives, both personal and business an [...]

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Digital Innovation Working Group

Blogger: Barry Siskind A well thought-out and implemented digital initiative permits organizations to do things better, faster, and cheaper. It is a crucial element in the search for new ways of engaging users. Yet, within our industry we find examples of early adopters and others who have yet to invest in the resources necessary to join the digital revolution. The time to implement digital solutions is now and companies that do – thrive. The others run the risk of becoming irrelevant. In fact [...]

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The dietary needs of visitors

Blogger: Barry Siskind, author of Powerful Exhibit Marketing Organizers worry about everything. They worry, regardless of how inconsequential the details, because they know from experience that one seemingly small mistake can have very large consequences. One issue, that in the past has been relatively straight forward, is food. What to we feed those vast numbers of visitors who come from all corners of the world. Past choices were based on a few essential criteria such as culture, religion, tra [...]

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Maybe we are just not that important

Blogger: Barry Siskind, author of Powerful Exhibit Marketing In April of 2010 I posted a short blog on UFILive.org titled, "Are exhibitions the poor cousins in the marketing mix?" The premise of my argument was that marketers don't seem to take exhibitions seriously whether in academic texts, business practices or budgeting. That was six years ago and just as I am beginning to think there is a shift in attitudes, I am reminded that I am perhaps being optimistic. A case in point is recent researc [...]

Appealing to visitors most basic senses

Blogger: Barry Siskind, Author: Powerful Exhibit Marketing Much has been written about the importance of appealing to human senses as a tool that attracts attention and evokes a memorable experience. The exhibition industry has taken this discussion to heart as both organizers and exhibitors have attempted to create physical environments that utilize the senses of sight, sound, taste, touch and feel to create an unforgettable visitor experience. Yet, there have been obstacles set in the path of [...]

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Surviving the unimaginable

Blogger: Barry Siskind, Author: Powerful Exhibit Marketing Most businesses have a distinct advantage over ours – predictability. When business leaders carefully follow the rules of production, marketing and finance, businesses grow. When they disregard the basic business tenants crisis can come lurking. The exhibition business doesn’t have that luxury. In our business everything becomes a factor from the weather to erupting volcanoes to acts of terrorism. Each of these disrupting factors directl [...]

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I love lists

Blogger: Barry Siskind, Author, Powerful Exhibit Marketing I love lists. Blog posts, articles and live presentations wouldn’t be complete without a list of the ten best or the ten worst, new trends or things to avoid. Lists tend to cut away the superfluous and help us focus on what is really important. Lists are easy to read and most of all remember. A recent posting on BizBash is a good example of a helpful list that looks at one of the key issues many of us in the exhibition industry are wrest [...]

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The traits of a great exhibition organizer

Blogger: Barry Siskind Author of Powerful Exhibit Marketing Murphy’s famous law states, “whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.” Captain Edwin Murphy, an American engineer, was the law’s author, but with his insight he could have just as easily been an exhibition organizer. Exhibition organizers know that last minute problems are part of our business and while they try to deal with them as expeditiously as possible, they steel themselves in constant readiness, knowing that Murphy’s Law will prove [...]

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The HR conundrum

Blogger: Barry Siskind, Author of Powerful Exhibit Marketing It is a well-known truth that those who work in the exhibition industry often started their careers in other fields of endeavour. While the number of universities and colleges that offer courses in exhibition management has increased, it is often not the first choice for many. Is this necessarily a bad thing? In a recent TED Talk, writer and artist Emilie Wapnick addressed one aspect of this conversation in her session titled. “Why som [...]

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The future look and feel of an exhibition

Blogger: Barry Siskind, Author of Powerful Exhibit Marketing A decade, or so, ago our industry was in fear of losing its place in the marketing world by virtual shows. If you asked anyone to predict ten years ahead you would have had a difficult time finding much optimism for face to face events. Crystal ball gazing is important in any business hoping to remain relevant in the long term. Aptly named for example, the theme of this year’s 90th  UFI Congress in Milan, Italy, November 4-6, tilted, “ [...]

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