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The highly anticipated report by the US based Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) titled, An Analysis of changes in the Key Factors Affecting Exhibit Recall in the Last decade, has been released.

Here are the results

Reasons for remembering exhibits other than size


Product Interest 67%
Well Known Company 53%
Product Demonstration 49%
Stage/Theater presentation 24%
Booth personnel 24%
Color/Design 21%
Giveaway/Samples 14%
Literature 14%

Source: CEIR MC 46, October 2010

While the CEIR study is US based, the lessons can easily find applicability throughout the globe.

Stand size has always been the number one recall factor. However the past few years has seen shrinkage in the number of large dominate exhibitors due to budget restrictions and an increased emphasis on R.O.I. But a reduction in stand  size can be overcome when other elements of recall are considered

The report’s concludes that “An exhibit is in reality an integrated organism of both physical and human systems working in concert to obtain maximum results.”

Trade fair organizers who sit back and let their exhibitors blindly struggle with the integration of these resources run the risk of lackluster results.  The role for both exhibitor and show organizer is clear. Both need to work in concert to implement the technologies that ensure that visitors leave an individual stand and the fair with positive recall.

The report can be purchased from CEIR  – http://www.ceir.org/



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