A press release in an era of social media

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Barry Siskind

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Has technology and mobile communications changed the way we send out a press release? According to author Leyl Master Black in a posting on American Express OPEN Forum the answer is yes.

In her post she articulates four tactics to be included in your media strategy that should help spread your news to the right people. http://mashable.com/2012/10/20/press-release-impact/

1. The press release should be prepared with an internet search in mind.

She believes that a compelling story on its own is no longer a recipe for success. She states “Write your release in a way that helps searchers find you online.” The logical beginning point is through relevant keywords and subject headings.

2. Add optimized images

According to the author 80% of journalists and bloggers are more likely to take notice of your press release if it includes images.

3. Add video

The author reports that “adding a video along with a photo actually doubles the engagement rate.”

4. Use social media

It starts with ensuring your media release is posted to your web-site. Then spread the word through your social media sites by tweeting and re-tweeting.

It’s a thought provoking posting that should be read by everyone who is involved with exhibition media.


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