Etiquette for Mobile Communications

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Barry Siskind

UFI’s Community Manager

“This message was sent from my I-phone which explains the spelling and grammar errors.”

How many times have you seen something like this? I have to admit that I am among the guilty and have a similar message on my I-phone but that doesn’t make it right?

In a recent post on Mashables, blogger Jillian Kumagai takes a serious look at the etiquette of sending mobile messages.  As with any form of communication there are definite do’s and don’ts that so often we, in our haste, neglect. Seven of Kumagai’s points of etiquette include:

Consider whether mobile is the best medium.

It’s probably okay to text a client when you are running late for an appointment but when the client is asking for important information, communicating from your desktop gives you a better opportunity to ensure that your words are edited.

Keep it simple.

I have had many instances where I was typing one word and the “auto correct” function replaced it with another word.  The trick then is to ensure the words you choose are simple and not subject to misinterpretation by the I-phone or your recipient.

Subject lines and greetings still count.

You wouldn’t send an e-mail without a subject line then why should mobile messages be any different. They are not.

Clean up links.

Kumagai suggests you “clean up hyperlinks on your phone. You can download a URL shrinker app like, and avoid bombarding email recipients with long links.
Double-check before hitting ‘Send.’

While this tip is common sense it can happen all too often. In the rush to get into a taxi or board an airplane we hastily send texts without checking them first.

Change your signature as you see fit.

Rather than using a mobile signature that reads, “Sent from my iPhone.” Consider one that is more personal and includes your name, company and contact information.

Avoid SMS language.

I hate jargon, acronyms and industry lingo. The same applies to technical language. You are sending a message that you want to be taken seriously so write it accordingly.

Creating rules of etiquette for mobile communications is a great idea. Do you have anything to add?

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