Exhibition Industry AwardsExhibition Industry: Submit your best practice example today and win one of UFI’s prestigious 2018 global industry awards!

Your organization and teams work hard. Let the industry recognize their efforts! Deadlines are quickly approaching for the UFI Digital Innovations, Human Resources and Operations and Services Awards. Award themes are determined by their respective Committees and change annually. The Committees also serve as judges.

The awards listed below are open to UFI members and non-members (exhibition organizers, operators of exhibition centers and service providers), and there is a nominal entry fee for non-members. Note the entries must be exhibition related.

The award criteria share one other thing this year – Results. Award winners’ new initiatives have had a positive impact on their organizations or clients in some kind of meaningful way.

All award winners will receive a complimentary registration to the UFI Global Congress in St. Petersburg, Russia this November. They will be officially recognized as award winners during the Congress, and have the possibility of presenting their award-winning ideas during the Best Practices Special Interest Group session, traditionally a popular one.

Exhibition Industry Award for Operations and Services

Exhibition Industry Award for Operations and Services projects

How are venues and operations professionals making clients (visitors, exhibitors, and/or show organizers) experience better? The UFI Operations and Services Award honors those in the exhibition industry that have successfully implemented verifiable creative and results-oriented initiatives. It rewards the use of technology to increase the efficiency of venues and/or events. The most important criterion is the direct and measurable impact on productivity.

Send your application until Tuesday, 6 March, 2018 to awards@ufi.org.

Best Practice Examples for Digital Innovation

Exhibition Industry Award for Digital Innovation

The Digital Innovation Award focuses on the best ICT (Information and Technology) for the future. What are your contributions to Exhibition Industry 4.0? It may be a technology or software solution that your organization is using to optimize efficiency, make customers’ lives easier, and improve their R.O.I.

Exhibition Industry 4.0 includes but is not limited to: AI (Artificial Intelligence), IoT and Big Data.

Application deadline: Monday, 19 March, 2018. Share your best practice example with awards@ufi.org.

Exhibition Industry Award for HR Management

Exhibition Industry Award for HR Management

How is your organization handling personnel retention? Are you cross-training employees? Have you recently begun an in-house training or management program? Increased the roll of Human Resources (HR) as more than solely an administrative department? The Human Resources Award recognizes companies who have successfully developed a program for staff to evolve, based on the role of HR as Business Partners. What has your organization implemented?

Send your award winning project until Monday, 19 March, 2018. Contact: awards@ufi.org.

Best Practices in Sustainability

A report on “Best Practices in Sustainability” which showcases the 41 winning and shortlisted entries for the sustainability annual award scheme UFI has run between 2012 and 2016 can be found on the UFI website.

Submit your entries today!