For decades, Hong Kong has prided itself on leading the way when it comes to global exhibition trends. However, today the global status quo is evolving, new hubs are emerging, and distances are shrinking

The dynamic metropolis of Shenzhen, a city with 13 million people, is reaching for the stars. No longer just seen as somewhere affiliated with Hong Kong, Shenzhen is aiming high in its own right. Big plans are taking shape in this ‘boomtown’ in Southern China, and a huge amount of construction is underway.

It’s big news that China International Intelligent Building Expo will be hosted in Shenzhen from 10-13 July 2020. The Building Expo’s long-term goal is to create “smart homes of the future”. It aims to become a renowned fair in the smart industry in China by:

  • establishing new marketing channels,
  • exploring new commercial models, and
  • designing themed exhibitions.

By coming to Shenzhen, it will bring fresh opportunities for the local smart home industry as well as for super-futuristic smart home models.

Located in the centre of the Greater Bay Area, Shenzhen attracts more business than you might expect. Great steps are being made towards cultivating a greenhouse for global trade, and the growing appetite indicates a broader platform. There is a need for purpose-built venues, evolving a local and profitable business cycle.

Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center (Shenzhen World) will host the Building Expo in 2020. As a new generation green and smart venue, the design and standard of Shenzhen World are exactly what the concept and themes of the Building Expo need.

By the time the expo takes place, there will be an unprecedented influx of visitors, logistics and capital flows. As a world-class venue, Shenzhen World will also empower the expo with its extensive facilities and professional operations services. This huge get-together celebrating smart home and home-decoration players in China will not only boost the reputation of Shenzhen but also Shenzhen World.

Once complete, Shenzhen World will provide 400,000 m2 of indoor exhibition space. This will increase to 500,000 m2 with top-quality service in the near future. At such a large scale, it will allow organisers to grow their exhibition space by a significant margin in line with their requirements.

In addition to the above, the venue offers comprehensive supplementary services such as meeting facilities, event facilities and F&B. This full set of facilities will ensure all demands are met, regardless of what kind or size event. All exhibition halls are equipped with F&B services so that people can enjoy a wide selection of food options.

What’s more, China (Shenzhen) International Gift and Home Products Fair will come to Shenzhen in 2020.

In the near future, more global exhibitions will meet in Shenzhen, driving its international recognition as a leading attraction. Shenzhen World has long been waiting at the starting line, embracing fresh opportunities and challenges and seizing new and exciting trends.