Stephanie Selesnick,

Stephanie Selesnick, International Trade Information, Inc.

Professional development for exhibition management has been a priority for my entire career. Even now, after 20+ years as an exhibition professional, I find continuing to attend conferences adds to my company’s bottom line – energizes me to try new ideas.  The majority of conferences, workshops and educational opportunities are attended all over the United States and, fortunately, other places in the world.

Two of my annual favorites are UFI’s European and Asia-Pacific Conferences. Open to UFI Members and non-members, it’s a chance to learn about the exhibition industry in other countries, meet people, see friends and colleagues, and learn new things – strategic and tactical – allowing me to run my business better.

The UFI Global Congress, open to Members only, is another stand-out opportunity. One of my favorite annual sessions during the Congress is presented by the Next Generation of Leaders Grant (NGL) recipients. Getting a fresh perspective on where our smart, young professionals think the exhibition business is heading is always illuminating.

“Top 10” Benefits of in-person professional development:

  1. Learn new things
  2. Confirmation your organization is on the right path
  3. Meet new people
  4. Identify trends
  5. Germinate ideas
  6. Find new clients
  7. Find new partners
  8. Visit a new city, country or region
  9. Check out new technology
  10. See old friends and colleagues

Development of knowledge shouldn’t stop when you get out of school. The world is changing at an ever-faster pace. Great learning opportunities are out there. See you at one of them soon?