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Showcasing the talent of our industry

The Next Generation Leadership (NGL) Grant focuses on promoting the talent we have in the exhibition industry – and giving our best-rising industry professionals the international recognition and the stage they deserve. At UFI, we are strongly committed to giving next-generation leaders a voice and a global platform to further thrive. Through the annual NGL Grant programme, we enjoy working with young professionals worldwide who are putting their energy, ideas, and initiative, into the exhibition industry.

“2019 was the most exciting year of my professional life. The UFI NGL Grant gave me the chance to share ideas about the exhibition industry, to learn from innovators and senior professionals, to work hard with amazing colleagues and to meet incredible people. Everybody should have this opportunity at least once in their lifetime!” Laura Docampo, Head of Digital Transformation, Fira de Barcelona (Spain).

In its fifth year, the programme is spread over 18 months (starting June 2020), allowing you to continue to fulfil your daily work obligations. A maximum of five industry professionals will receive the NGL Grant in 2020. With the support of Comexposium, the NGL Grant continues to attract and engage with young professionals that show exceptional initiative in driving change and innovation in their area of the exhibition industry. 

“Since I started the NGL Grant, I began a new role in my company. As a Show Manager, I now manage a team, which is an exciting change for me. I am thankful for the learning opportunity that my new role offers, and I am grateful for my boss, a true leader.

 I really believe that the NGL Grant put a spotlight on me, allowing my managers to see me differently. For which I will be forever grateful for.” Katie Thompson, Show Manager, Informa Markets (USA).

The starting point is June this year, at the UFI European Conference in Gothenburg, Sweden (3-5 June 2020). The NGL Grant winners will meet for the first time and start preparing for their joint speaking slot at the UFI Global Congress in Muscat, Oman (9–12 November 2020). For the following six months, the grantees will work closely with UFI to prepare and fine-tune their session before they go on stage to deliver their 45 minutes session. The grant covers travel and accommodation costs. 

“Sometimes I wish I knew Marty McFly and Doc so that they would take me back to May 2019 in Birmingham where everything started. When I applied for the NGL Grant, I was not aware that I was taking the first step of a beautiful journey. The months spent working on the final presentation for the UFI Global Congress have been one of the most fulfilling experiences in my professional life. To all the future grantees: prepare for hard work, sleepless nights and great satisfaction. Thanks to the NGL Grant and UFI, I discovered my hidden skills, and now I am ready to develop them in my future career.” Cinzia Zanin, Research and Development, Fondazione Fiera Milano (Italy). 

At the UFI Global Congress, NGL Grant recipients will also start with a 12-months C-level mentorship programme. UFI will find a suitable mentor for each Grant recipient that allows them to learn, brainstorm, test ideas and discuss work-related challenges and opportunities in a safe and confidential environment. 

“It was great to meet my mentor during UFI’s Global Congress in Bangkok, Thailand. As she also had an active part during the Congress, moderating, we were able to kick right off and prepare for our sessions together. I am looking forward to gaining new viewpoints, to learn a lot from and with “my” industry professional and to reach my personal and career goals in the long-run” Carolin von Tippelskirch, Protocol and Corporate Events, Deutsche Messe AG (Germany).

The NGL Grant invites industry professionals to step forward that are full-time employed in the exhibition industry and have no more than ten years of work experience in our industry. UFI is looking for highly motivated peers that can commit to this programme while managing their responsibilities at work. Previous winners shared that they spent 3-5 hours per month driving this project. 

I encourage you to step forward and apply for the 2020 NGL Grant or nominate one of your team members and employees for this incredible experience. For more information, contact me or visit

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