As some regions begin to host live events again, and others wait for restrictions to lift, the ETT Club is proud to support the exhibition industry through the process of reopening, with its new Journey to reopen the exhibition industry project.

This series of online sessions will invite friends of the exhibition industry to share their insights, knowledge and experiences of how to reopen events, to support others along the journey of reopening. The project is a positive sign to the global exhibition industry that, by sharing knowledge, we can all support each other to come out of the crisis even stronger.

To support the initiative, the ETT Club asked some industry contacts to act as ambassadors for the project or to submit ideas for online sessions. We have been overwhelmed with responses, and so far, have more than 50 senior exhibition professionals on board as ambassadors and are currently developing a wide range of online sessions from the ideas submitted.

The online sessions begin on 31 March, with ETT Club members from the Middle East sharing their insights and experiences of reopening live shows. The ETT Journey to reopen the exhibition industry is set to conduct online sessions until at least June, as we aim to help the global exhibition industry to kick-start their business quicker and smoother through knowledge sharing.

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