Expand your reach as our skies are more than ready to welcome you all back for lucrative opportunities and to win in ASEAN.

Since the official reopening on 1 November 2021, most businesses in Thailand including MICE industry can resume under new normal operation. Event organization is allowed to take place under the strict MICE Safety and Hygiene Standard Charter, and COVID-19 vaccine booster shots have been provided for MICE workers at key destinations in the country to be ready for the upcoming international arrivals.

During the pandemic, Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) has configured the foundation and upgraded the Thai exhibitions ecosystem as a whole focusing on JV and M&A deals post-covid while orchestrating the focus and efforts in upskilling industry professionals, ingraining health and safety measures, incubating digital and tech innovators for MICE business, and profiling domestic industry sectors. With an aim to ensure that local capabilities and proficiency are ready for international collaboration, TCEB has launched “EO: Pro LEAGUE”, a business incubation program to turn local exhibition stakeholders into a pro level and ready to be your professional local partner with a target of 25 certified stakeholders by 2023.

In addition, Thailand is now moving into BCG (Bio-Circular-Green) Economy, aiming to amplify a value-based and innovation-based economy with a commitment to greener and better tomorrow. Thailand’s Eastern Economic Corridor Zone thus has continued to open for new foreign investments with a focus on 6 reprioritized industries; aviation & logistics, tourism & health tourism, biotechnology, food processing, digital, and biofuel & biochemical. TCEB is in pursuit of “World Iconic Events” especially in these sectors and will connect with top-tier trade exhibitions and meticulously design collaboration and subventions to ease the launch in Thailand for Southeast Asia.

With well-rounded subvention programs and in-kind supports, Thailand is ready to be a strategic location for all global organizers to expand your reach to ASEAN and Southeast Asia whereby TCEB can be your strategic and reliable partner, driving both local and international organizers to win in ASEAN.

“We share the same goal. Yours – to expand your business. Ours – to use exhibitions to drive the government policy and position Thailand as the destination. We share a similar passion and have the same shared values, the value of exhibitions. Any pandemic can be a disruptor but by no means, nothing can substitute face-to-face contact. We are ready to meet you all and continue our conversation on new opportunities in my country and the region. Thailand has re-opened and is ready. We look forward to meeting you and being together again in Thailand.” states Mrs. Nichapa Yoswee, TCEB’s Senior Vice President.

For more information, please contact exhibitions@tceb.or.th.


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