Dear colleagues,


I am just off a call where a colleague, sounding equally excited and exhausted, shared the results from a show they had run in the past days in Europe. I sensed the pride, and the emotions, and could congratulate on the success (more buyers than at the last show pre-pandemic!). We ended the call, and I noticed that I had gotten goosebumps.


In this month on May, leading up to our 7th Global Exhibitions Day, we are an industry that – in most parts of the world – is busier than ever. Shows are back, calendars are tight. Buyers buy, and sellers sell. Experts and leaders meet. Ideas are born. A buyer at a show told me he has not seen so many new products at a single B2B show before. He paused, and then said how impressive it was to see how his industry had managed to “soldier through” the pandemic.


Global Exhibitions Day, on June 1st this year, is the day when we can put a spotlight on this, and if the past years have taught us one lesson, then it is that we have to stand tall as the exhibitions and business events industry, globally, and highlight the important role that we have to play. When it matters, people meet. In real life. On site. Not onscreen.


Together with dozens of industry associations around the world, and with many of the leading organisers, we have developed clear and concise core messages for GED.


We will tell our customers that we help them to grow their business, and show them that business happens best when people meet face-to-face


To policy makers, we will say that Trade shows and exhibitions are the fastest of all fast track to drive economic development post-pandemic. As an industry, we know (and have proven) that we can operate business events safely. And we will challenge them to reflec on their own behaviour: When it matters, leaders meet in person. Business acts the same way!


Finally, to people who we want to attract to work with us, we can showcase that we offer career opportunities in a vibrant industry, and that they cab thrive in our fast-moving environment that empowers human contacts


Please, do join in on GED – find out how, and what others around the world are doing on


Happy Global Exhibitions Day!





Kai Hattendorf