The UFI Next Generation Leadership (NGL) Grantees: Monika Baro, VNU Asia Pacific Co., Ltd. (Thailand), Daniella Galante, RX Africa (South Africa), Joe Kowalsky, Emerald X (USA), Justine Rabel, Eventmaker (France), Maria Victoria Piñeres, Costa Rica Convention Center/Grupo Heroica Volio & Trejos S.A. (Costa Rica) and Jon Yahirun, Clarion Events (USA) focus for their collective presentation at the upcoming UFI Global Congress in Muscat, Oman is New Talent Narrative for the Industry.

“Presently,” said Kowalsky, “Our industry has no dedicated talent narrative. How we position and talk about ourselves is important to attract the right people. We are interested to learn what people in exhibitions think about our industry along with their thoughts on career benefits – and what it will take to attract new talent into our industry.” 

Kowalsky continued, “If we want to ensure a successful future for our industry, it’s essential we listen and provide thoughtful solutions to the challenges facing the global workforce.”

Once the data is analyzed, the NGL’s will review the results and recommend a cohesive narrative to better recruit new people into the exhibition business.

Please help by completing this survey: and share it with friends, not just those in the exhibition industry, too!

Results and recommendations will be shared on 15 November 2022, at 4 pm during the 89th UFI Global Congress in Muscat, Oman.