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Barry Siskind
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Large exhibitions and conventions need large facilities. But, what are the options for smaller events? Many of these events typically take place in rooms within a large facility or a hotel. Creative organizers are always on the look out for interesting venues that will attract the right delegates. This often requires looking beyond the traditional options.

In a recent article in International Meetings Review, a study on cruises for incentive travel was discussed.

One of the findings was that “the overall use of motivational travel experiences is on an upswing. With 86% of respondents predicting that it will increase in the next 1 to 3 years.
The report addressed the question, “Why has the use of cruise ships not been more readily used?” Here are some of the findings:

• 95% thought they might consider using a cruse ship in the future as a meeting venue

• 32% of respondents indicated that they were unaware of meeting space on cruise ships, and only 21.4% indicated that they were aware of private venues on cruise ships.

If cruise ships are appealing to potential delegates then this report might point to a venue alternative for small events in the future? To read the entire report click here:

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