The value of the cloud for exhibitions

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Barry Siskind

UFI’s Community Manager

The cloud holds great promise for the exhibition world. From an organizers point of view, cloud computing allows them to offer such things as e-commerce, product portfolios and social architecture for each exhibition with relative ease. Cloud technology means that these same organizers do not have to spend the time and money creating these benefits on their own. The cloud makes life easier for organizers and therefore their exhibitors and visitors.

But there is a problem. While the cloud has many benefits, inconsistent bandwidth and Wi-Fi access at various venues limit the cloud’s potential.

The cloud is one great example where technology has outpaced the changes needed to implement it.

There is a great post on that addresses the potential benefits and challenges of cloud computing. It’s an article that should be read. Hopefully it will add to the discussions that are underway between organizers and venues.

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