Exhibitions Change Lives

Stephanie Selesnick, International Trade Information, Inc.

At the recent EEAA (Exhibition and Event Association of Australasia) Leaders Forum in Melbourne, Australia Exhibitions Day, Timothy Collett, Managing Director of Specialised Events, a for-profit exhibition company, quoted a young person from his team discussing our industry. She said, “You don’t have to be a doctor to change people’s lives.”

It got me thinking about the exhibitions industry and what we do at heart: Help forge lifelong relationships and foster business (and business relationships) on local, regional, national and global scales.

  • We help entrepreneurs see their dreams realized.
  • We help small businesses grow.
  • We help medium businesses expand.
  • We help large businesses serve their customers better.
  • We fuel the economies of many, many countries.

Global Exhibitions Day 2019, or #GED19 brought the industry together like never before. Around 90 countries and regions meaningfully participated. I had the good fortune of helping to kick of the worldwide celebration at the EEAA #GED19 Dinner. Social media went wild leading up to June 5th and large and small companies alike posted videos and stories (Michael Duck dancing and leading a team from Informa Markets Hong Kong was my favorite…).

Another stand out was IELA Secretariat who posted mini-interviews with different jobholders about what they do in the exhibition industry. What a clever idea! After all, how many of our friends and relatives don’t understand what we do for a living?

My challenge to the Global Exhibitions Industry is this: How do we engage and get the word out about the positive impact of exhibitions year-round?

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  1. eventrr June 28, 2019 at 6:14 pm - Reply

    challenge to the Global Exhibitions Industry is this How do we engage industry and association together and get the word out about the positive impact of exhibitions year-round

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