Thailand is now gearing for a return to economic normalcy. Starting in October, health authorities will designate COVID-19 to an epidemic disease that requires monitoring. In July, the government has lifted nationwide restrictions with businesses resuming operations.  Efforts to fully open the country up again to overseas organizers and participants, be they exhibitors or visitors, should further strengthen business activities, a positive sign for exhibition industry which has a role to facilitate business and trade for industry sectors.

The future is bright for Thailand, with business gathering regaining momentum after COVID-19 control now relaxed, the Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) aims to support the exhibition industry in welcoming international trade shows through its latest “E3 (E Power 3)” campaign, or also known as “Empowering Exhibition Economy”. The campaign breaks down into three key strategies:

  1. “Powerful Subvention Program” (PEOs Empowerment), a series of programs that help local exhibition organizers and businesses related to tradeshows achieve international professionalism while also fostering new organizers in enhancing the country’s economy. Moreover, the strategy also lay the groundwork to help bring overseas buyers from CLMV countries.
  • “Powerful Partnership” (MICE Alliance) places emphasis on building networks and partnerships with government agencies as well as local and international organizations to accelerate growth and enhance competitiveness within the exhibition industry.  
  • “Powerful Sustainability Program” (Carbon Neutral Events) concentrates on driving sustainability-oriented policies such as promoting sustainable events, environmental practices and carbon footprint reduction, which will support international organizers that require to comply with sustainability regulations and deliver sustainable initiatives to their stakeholders.

These aforementioned three key pillars would ultimately lead to Return on Everything (ROE), supporting international organizer’s return in hosting tradeshows that generates positive impact to Thailand’s exhibition industry and overall economic momentum.

Besides strengthening the foundation of Thailand’s exhibition ecosystem, TCEB also aims to welcome “World Iconic” events to be staged in the country. With goals to promote business exchange and the return of business confidence, TCEB recently organized Thailand briefing and business forums in Germany, Singapore and the United Kingdom during July-August 2022. The resulting discussions included a showcase of attractive schemes that international organizers can maximize and sparked new ideas on future tradeshows. The positive reception inspired TCEB to host more business forums in other countries to welcome potential international organizers into the lucrative Thai market.

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