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Barry Siskind
UFI’s Community Manager

One of the biggest challenges organizers face when developing a conference is providing relevant and interesting educational sessions. What worked one year may no longer be of interest the next. One solution is to solicit feedback from attendees. The typical question is often, “What sessions would you like to see next year?” The problem with this, according to an interesting post on BizBash is that the percentage of attendees who answer the question is low and their responses often narrow in scope. Attendees often have just as difficult a time projecting forward 12 months as the organizer does. Yet attendees want the organizer to develop programs that answer the challenges they are currently facing.

The post suggests a better question might be to ask attendees what problems and challenges they are facing. The answer to this question is a far better indicator of business trends and helps immensely in developing good educational content.

The next step is to identify the right people to present a solution or to issue a call for papers based on your findings.

If your approach to the creation of your education content hasn’t changed, then this short post may give you the direction you need.