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Barry Siskind
UFI’s Community manager

Understanding what motivates exhibition visitors used to be straightforward – they come to shop, buy or learn. But a new research report from the US based Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) takes this one step further.

In “Attendee Preference by Job Title,” (CEIR report AC37.14) researchers Jeff Tanner and Nancy Drapeau have learned that what motivates visitors is directly related to their job title.

They divided their control group into four groups; Executive, Upper Management, Middle management and Lower Management. Then they asked:
• What is the importance of shopping at an exhibition?
• Are your needs being met at exhibitions?
• What factors motivate you to attend?
• What sources do you use to source exhibitions to attend?

While some results were consistent for all four groups, others revealed a noticeable difference. For example: when asked what factors the respondents used to decide to attend an exhibition the executive group said – value for money, upper management said – the reputation of the event, middle management said – value of money and lower management said – the quality of speakers.

Research like this can have a considerable impact on an organizer’s promotional efforts.