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Barry Siskind

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Computing in the cloud – everyone is talking about it but are they using it? It seems counterintuitive to think that some companies are not when the benefits of the cloud far outweigh the costs. The cloud can help all businesses – large and small – save money and streamline their operations without the expense of building an IT infrastructure.

A recent post on Fortune Magazine’s website by small business expert and blogger Alice Bredin lists five ways the cloud can help any business grow. The cloud frees up business capital and energy so the user can focus on other areas like profitability, expansion and sustainability.


Here are her five:

  1. Back-up and store data

Back-up and storage are the most common applications of cloud computing. But in addition to the cost advantage, cloud storage protects companies from other issues like faulty software and natural disasters that can affect hardware.

  1. Gain instant computing power

One of the biggest advantages, and one that is relevant to the exhibition industry, is the ability to handle spikes in demand relatively seamlessly.

  1. Access business software

Nearly “half (46%) of small businesses that use cloud services access productivity tools online.” This allows businesses to update software automatically on-line which ensures they stay current.

  1. Improve collaboration

If your team is dispersed over different locations the cloud allows you to communicate in real-time without the cost of additional equipment.

5. Build and maintain a web presence

The author’s fifth reason is that  cloud web-hosting tools are designed to easily and efficiently maintain an on-line presence.

The cloud brings advantages for companies of all sizes. If you are not fully embracing the cloud, what’s stopping you?