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Barry Siskind

UFI’s Community Manager

 When we market to visitors we know that these individuals fall into two broad categories: those with the ability to make decisions and those who can influence the decision making process. Inc. Magazine blogger, Alex Frias, argues that the marketing to this latter group hasn’t changed much in the past decade.

 Marketing to influencers requires some sophistication, Friars offers five ways to leverage organizers efforts to help drive additional traffic to our trade fairs.

 1.     Co-create content

We communicate with influencers with the intention of having them include references to our exhibitions in their conversations whether it’s face to face or through a social network. Frias suggests that rather than something as simple as a photograph of previous year’s exhibitors, a more “authentic” approach will yield better results. This might include such things as interviews with prominent people, news releases or awards won at a previous exhibition.

2. Customize each campaign to match each influencer.

Start by painting a clear picture of the influencers you are targeting then spark their imagination with messages that will resonate with them and hopefully will be passed along to their network.

3. Give your influencers something they value.

Value has nothing to do with money rather its something that they respond to with passion and excitement.

4. Set realistic goals.

This is tricky. The metrics of influencer marketing are a combination of ROI and soft objectives usually associated with such things as brand recognition.

5. Identify your “social maker.”

Your real goal is to “connect their social world and the real world.”

Marketing to influencers is a fascinating subject. Frias’s post makes for a good read.