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Barry Siskind
UFI’s Community Manager

Which trait would be the most advantageous for someone in the exhibition industry – left or right dominated?

While left brain people are typically characterized as logical, realistic and focused, right brainers are creative and emotional. The demands to handle a multitude of logistic would point to left brain people as being the best choice. Asking a right brain dominate person to handle the daily demands of scheduling can be risky. But, if left dominate people are left to their own devices, there may be little imagination on the table risking an exhibition that looks and feels the same, year after year.

The answer is that your team needs a healthy dose of both left and right brain people.

A recent post on the Event Manager Blog discusses this left and right brain issue. Understanding how to create the right mix of left and right brain people can spell the difference between lackluster exhibitions or one that both visitors and exhibitors eagerly anticipate.