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Barry Siskind

UFIs Community Manager

Imagine looking down, from the vantage point of a bird in the rafters of an exhibition facility, what would you see? You would see visitors moving up and down aisles, exhibitors ready to engage and you would also be able to identify trouble spots almost before they happen.

Now what if you were not alone but joined by your visitors. What would they see? Looking at the big picture they would likely take in the hustle and bustle of a modern day exhibition. Does this sound like something out of science fiction? Well, it’s anything but thanks to the growing popularity of unmanned quadcopters (drones). Drones have made this bird’s eye viewpoint possible. With ease and relatively low costs the use of drones need a special set of considerations.

In a recent post on, the advice of a professional in the use of drones was articulated in eight rules. These eight are helpful guidelines for organisers as well as exhibitors. They are:

Make sure that it’s okay with the venue

  • Confirm the vendor who is flying the drone is properly insured
  • Only contract with experienced drone vendors
  • Reduce the risk of interrupting special events and education sessions with drone related problems such as noise and wind
  • Confirm whether the drone pilot will be stationery or in motion
  • Limit interference with signs, decorations and other décor items
  • Communicate your expectations with the drone pilot
  • Ensure that the drone has GPS technology.

With this new bit of technology, it’s helpful to have some guidelines from others who have had some experience.