TCEB Situation Update: Travel Advisory: COVID-19 virus on 30 March 2020

//TCEB Situation Update: Travel Advisory: COVID-19 virus on 30 March 2020

TCEB Situation Update: Travel Advisory: COVID-19 virus on 30 March 2020

Thailand has taken more stringent measures against the outbreak of COVID-19 during the past week. The government has declared the state of emergency effective 26 March until 30 April, 2020.  In  response,  Civil  Aviation  Authority  of  Thailand  (CAAT)  has  issued  travel  advisory  to passengers  planning  to  enter  Thailand  effective  26  March  onward.  Bangkok  Metropolitan Administration (BMA) has ordered the temporary closure of premises effective 28 March until 30 April 2020 including all convention, exhibition and banquet facilities.

The Declaration of the State of Emergency

  1. Prohibition of entering risk areas. Citizens and residents must not enter the COVID-19 infection risk areas according to the orders and announcements of the governor of Bangkok and the provincial governors. The risk areas are public spaces for gatherings such as boxing stadium, pubs, entertainment centres. They include public attractions, such as natural attractions, museums, public library, places of worship. The governors have full power to issue orders as see
  2. Prohibition of foreigners entering the Kingdom through all channels, including ports, roads, and The exemptions are Thai nationals who wish to enter Thailand, but they are required to obtain Fit to Fly Health Certificate, diplomats, consuls, or officials of international organizations with mission in Thailand, and goods delivery workers whose stay is temporarily necessary.
  3. Prohibition of hoarding goods
  4. Prohibition of gatherings, activities in crowded premises that are exposed to infection risk
  5. Prohibition of dissemination of false reports and fake news, which stimulate public fear and concern about COVID-19
  6. Preparation among government agencies to cope with COVID-19, such as ready-to- operate hospitals and health centers, medical manpower, medical supplies and temporary medic units in hotels, convention centres, community centres, private
  7. Measures for vulnerable citizens and residents to strictly remain at home and to leave only with absolute necessity such as medical appointment, business transaction, and The vulnerable are those above 70 years of age, those with health conditions, for instance, diabetes, high blood pressure, respiratory diseases, allergies, and those below 5 years of age.
  8. Measures allowing some establishments to operate as usual. These include hospitals, medical/health centres, drug stores, take-away food outlets, hotels, convenience stores, groceries, manufacturing factories, banks, financial or securities services, food-selling market, fuel services, passenger and cargo services, food deliveries and government agencies, except educational institutes which have been declared close. For department stores, only supermarket, food section and pharmacy section are allowed.
  9. Inter-provincial travel must be restrained or If necessary, travelers are subject to screening for diseases and must comply with disease prevention measures, such as wearing sanitary mask, temperature checking, uploading application for official tracking on mobile phone.
  10. Social events, such as wedding, funeral and family activity, can be organized as deemed suitable but official measures of disease prevention must be observed.

The state of emergency will be enforced during 26 March 2020 – 30 April 2020

See the full version at

The Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT) – Travel advisory to passengers planning to enter Thailand

  1. Passengers or persons shall be permitted to enter Thailand through international airport only if they fall under one of the following categories:
  • Being in the situation or a person exempted by the Prime Minister or Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, under certain conditions and prescribed time period
  • Carriers of necessary cargoes, but prompt exit is required after the mission is complete
  • Pilot-in-command and crew members of the flight entering Thailand with a clear schedule to depart
  • Persons on a diplomatic or consular mission, or under international organisations, representatives of the government performing their duties in Thailand or other persons or international agencies that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs gives permission, and their In this case, the certificate of entry to the Kingdom issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is required.
  • Non-Thai nationals with work permit or who have been granted permission from Thai government agencies to work in Thailand
  • Thai citizens with a certificate of entry to the Kingdom issued by Royal Thai Embassy or Royal Thai Consulate in their country of residence certifying that they are Thai returning to Thailand with a Fit to Fly Health
  1. The persons in (d) and (e) must have Fit to Fly Health Certificate issued no more than 72 hours before
  2. Passengers or persons permitted to enter Thailand shall strictly comply with disease prevention measures imposed by the government.
  3. The immigration officers have the power to deny the entry of non-Thai nationals who have been tested positive for COVID- 19, or under the suspicion of being infected or who refuse to undergo such
  4. From now to 31 March 2020 midnight, Thailand local time, the exemption is given to non-Thai passengers transiting through Thailand to a third country with the transit time of no more than 24 Such transit passengers are required to present Fit to Fly Health Certificate upon check-in at the airport of departure to Thailand and during transit formalities in Thailand.
  5. All previous notifications of CAAT become


Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) – Temporary Closure of Premises

  1. Restaurants (except take-away outlets and hotel restaurants serving hotel’s guests only and restaurants in the airports and hospitals)
  2. Shopping malls, department stores, community malls except their supermarkets, pharmacies, groceries, restaurants (take-away only), banks, and government agencies
  3. Sitting or standing areas for dining in convenient stores
  4. Market and flea markets, except those selling fresh food, dry food, take-away food, pet food, pharmacies, miscellaneous shops selling items necessary for living
  5. Beauty salons and barber shops
  6. Tattoo and piercing shops
  7. Skating rings, rollerblading arenas, or similar venues
  8. Amusement or theme parks, bowling or gaming arcade
  9. Gaming and internet cafes
  10. Golf courses and driving ranges
  11. Public swimming pools and similar venues
  12. Cockfighting rings and cockfighting exercising rings
  13. Amulet trading markets and centres
  14. Trade fair and exhibition centres and meeting venues
  15. All educational institutes and tutorial schools
  16. Diet centers and beauty clinics
  17. Health and wellness service centres (spas, health and beauty massage outlets)
  18. Pet grooming, pet spa shops and pet sheltering services
  19. Massage parlours
  20. Bath, steaming and saunas
  21. Cinemas and theatres
  22. Fitness centres, exercising premises
  23. Pubs, bars, and similar entertainment venues
  24. Boxing stadiums and boxing training gyms
  25. Sport venues
  26. Horse racing venues
  27. All kinds of competition venues
  28. Playgrounds
  29. Performance venues
  30. Museums and similar
  31. Public libraries, community libraries, private libraries
  32. Meeting rooms, banquet halls, reception halls, and similar venues
  33. Snooker and billiard houses
  34. Nurseries, except those in the hospitals

These premises are to be closed temporarily from 28 March 2020, except nurseries in 34 which will be closed from 31 March 2020. All are closed until 30 April 2020.

Passengers of all public transportations in Bangkok must wear sanitary masks at all times.

See the full version (Thai version) of this announcement at Q5MTc1MQ==#&gid=1&pid=1 

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