UFI President Mary Larkin

Dear colleagues and friends,

We are all in this together! We have heard that statement many times over the past months as our industry faces the unprecedented challenge posed by COVID-19 and its impact on our events and businesses.

Times of crisis are when associations are needed most. Such times call for flexibility, adaptation where needed. Industry associations need to understand the industries they serve and prove the values they promise to bring to their members, especially when times are bad.

I have seen firsthand how UFI has taken the steps to ensure its members are connecting, are hearing from industry leaders and collaborating to help each other through this crisis. If we did not know it before, we certainly know now, the value of our association in keeping us connected and informed. Good associations can draw on resources such as industry volunteers who give time, ideas and support – and sometimes access to funding. They also lean on the right staff, from within and outside the industry, committed to the task and ready to go the extra mile.

UFI has lead the way in partnering with other associations to provide information from the very beginning of this crisis both in terms of the daily updates and in the recent video meetings held for different regions.

UFI has advocated for our industry in a way we never expected it would have to. Without four years of advocating on Global Exhibitions Day, we would not have been prepared for this. Without the global network of close to 60 exhibition industry associations from around the world as UFI members, it would have been difficult to achieve anything.

As we are approaching the UFI elections in the coming months, it is important that we support our association with involvement and leadership. Thanks to all those colleagues who currently serve in the chapters! And thanks to all of you who stand as candidates from all around the world.

Now, more than ever, we need UFI to continue its work to help us get back to business! We are indeed, in this together!

Best regards,

Mary Larkin, UFI President