Mrs. Nichapa Yoswee

Mrs. Nichapa Yoswee

The Royal Government of Thailand and Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) have introduced a comprehensive package of solutions for exhibition organisers and stakeholders affected by the impact of Covid-19.

More than USD 3.03 billion has been approved to help companies in Thailand combat the temporary suspension of business brought about by Covid-19. Drafted by the Ministry of Finance along the principles ‘Timely, Targeted and Temporary as Necessary’, the measures bring particular benefit to small and medium-sized enterprises.  About the government measures please visit

As forums for trade and industrial development, exhibitions will play a key role in the economic recovery that follows the Covid-19 pandemic.

Keeping business moving

Our Government’s monetary measures aim to entice business by providing access to loans and low-interest credit, with fiscal measures centring around tax deduction for businesses and the individuals they employ.

By enabling businesses in Thailand to invest their time and effort in core business growth, extending the tax filing deadline, or exempting them from income duty, we can free up their resources on matters that propel our industry down the road to recovery.

Complementing this is TCEB’s own support package “Thailand Extra Exhibition Plus” to provide support exhibition stakeholders in all dimensions to sustain core trade shows in Thailand. Whether it’s waiving some of the criteria required for previous initiatives, or providing fixed financial support based on show size for domestic and international marketing and promotion, or simply increasing the pavilion size (sqm) supported eligible for financial support under the Exhibit in Market campaign, we at TCEB hope to get the industry in Thailand moving again.

It is all part of a comprehensive set of measures to accompany the USD 1 million set aside for our exhibition immediate term relief and plan USD 14 million for first phase of industry recovery plan.

Commenting on these measures, Ms. Nichapa Yoswee, SVP – Business at TCEB, said: “Our thoughts continue to be with those who are going through very tough times. TCEB has spoken with exhibition industry stakeholders and agreed to join hand-in-hand, stepping forward for the next chapter of the Thai Exhibition industry, invigorating our readiness in preparation to ensure Thailand presents you with an optimal platform for your exhibitions when the markets return and keeping the world connected”

This kind of forward-thinking support, combined with support from our Government, is why TCEB remains your partner throughout this period of unprecedented difficulty as co-creator, partner, collaborator and thought-leader.

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