Trade exhibition plays an important role in providing a platform for industrialists to conduct businesses on an international and local scale. They make a significant contribution to multiple industry sectors around the world.

International MICE travelers who visited trade shows bring foreign incomes that generate new value to Thailand’s industrial sectors. According to TCEB, international MICE travelers’ participation in exhibition is projected to grow 60% from 2019, generating revenue to the Thai economy at USD320 million. From January to April 2023, over 40 international exhibitions have confirmed to be organized in Thailand, with total economic impact of USD155 million solely created by international visitors.[1] It is expected that there will be more exhibitions held in Thailand by 2023. This indicates that the exhibition industry is moving towards a positive position with number of exhibitions and business activities expected to increase.

TCEB and key stakeholders, exhibitors and visitors, understood the significant impact of bringing people from different countries to conduct business face-to-face and how it translates to overall success to growth. This is in line with UFI Global Barometer (January 2023)[2], which found that 88% of the survey respondents believe the COVID-19 pandemic confirms the value of face-to-face events. Meanwhile, only 26% say there will be less international physical exhibitions with less participants in the future. More than half (57%) say there will be a push towards hybrid events while a mere 5% believe virtual events will replace physical events. This suggests that exhibition create outstanding results for industries in Thailand as there is a demand for trade shows to be held in the physical environment.  

At the same time, Thailand’s position as a rapidly developing country with diverse economy offers growth opportunities for various industrial sectors. Some of the highlighted industries that the Thai government deems vital to the economy are the 12 S-curve industries, which include future automotive, food processing and digital etc. Trade exhibitions are vital in stimulating growth of these new economic engines through providing a platform of networking and business opportunities, market research and innovation promotion. They are one of the key drivers for Thailand to reach higher level of economic development.

To propel the exhibition industry forward and serve Thailand’s industry sectors, TCEB will implement its empowering exhibition economy strategy, which consists of three pillars: business, innovation and sustainability. As for the goal, TCEB aims to ‘drive the exhibition economy value’ and ‘accelerating the value of professionalism’, bringing actors from multiple areas to interact and engage. Every key stakeholder, including government, private sectors and institution will be connected, creating a strong ecosystem that will accelerate growth in the exhibition industry.

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[1] Data as of 20 April 2023

[2] UFI Global Barometer (January 2023)