Professional exhibition organisers (PEO) have the expertise and knowledge to contribute significantly for creating impactful experiences for exhibitors and visitors. These organizers play a critical role in designing, planning, and executing successful exhibitions that bring together the business community to foster connections and drive growth.

Empowering a PEO enables them to harness their expertise, creativity, and industry knowledge to provide exceptional experiences that meet the evolving needs and expectations of exhibitors and visitors. This blog delve into the reasons why empowering PEO is crucial for the growth and effectiveness of the industry.

One powerful way to empower PEOs is through support schemes, which contribute to improved efficiency in planning and executing exhibitions. The Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) plays a crucial role in encouraging PEOs by offering support schemes in various areas, including industry connections, sustainability practices, and creating memorable exhibition experiences. For instance, TCEB provides tangible advisory services and facilitates connections with recommended or qualified partners, establishing a solid foundation for industry relationships.

Also, support is extended through publicizing exhibitions via various communication channels, sharing knowledge and trends on technology, innovation, and sustainability practices or guidelines, and offering government facilitation services such as customs, visas, and MICE lane services. Support schemes can help PEOs adapt to the changing market dynamics, identify emerging trends, and make strategic decisions that align with the goals of exhibitors and attendees.

Another key aspect of empowering PEOs is enhancing their market efficiency by providing support in feasibility research and site inspections to gain a deep understanding of their industry, portfolios, culture, customer journey, and more. Offering support in these areas will provide PEOs with opportunities to expand their portfolios, build a culture of innovation and excellence within the exhibition industry, resulting in a more impactful and successful exhibitions that resonate with exhibitors and visitors alike. This, in turn, leads to increased business activities and positive word-of-mouth, attracting more participants and organizers to Thailand’s dynamic market.

Empowering PEO is essential for the growth and success of the industry. By providing them with the necessary support, PEOs can unlock their full potential and drive excellence in exhibition planning, execution, and new show expansions.

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