Digital fluency, innovative ideas and more importantly a unique set of values are the characteristics that are embedded in Generation Z (Gen Z). They are driving the changes that transcend traditional norms and overcoming challenges to bring about societal shifts. Understanding Gen Z is crucial for companies, especially those in the MICE industry, as adapting to their preferences can make a difference in attracting top talent, staying relevant, and effectively engaging with this influential demographic.


The Mindset of Gen Z


To understand the mindset of Gen Z, it is a must to first understand the factors that influence their perception and action toward their working culture and value.  According to Deloitte’s 2022 Gen Z and Millennial Survey – Thailand, which surveyed millennials and Gen Z across multiple territories, including Thailand, there are five key priorities shaping Gen Z’s preferences, behaviors, and perspectives. These include:


  • Unemployment Concerns: Gen Z concerns about sources of income due to economic challenges and high inflation affecting cost of living which means the idea of being unemployed create anxiety of wealth inequality. To cope with financial challenges, many engage in side jobs alongside their primary employment.  


  • Work-Life Balance: Satisfaction in work place is highly value by Gen Z which includes individual well-being, mental health, and gaining more opportunities and experiences. They have a strong desire to enjoy a holistic lifestyle where the personal time is as valuable as professional time. So, time must be managed in the most effective way in achieving the ‘Work-Life Balance’.


  • Hybrid Work Arrangements: Gen Z prefers hybrid work arrangements, indicating a preference for flexible work modes. Workplace flexibility saves on expenses such as travel fees, provides free time for other activities, and allows for more time with families.


  • Climate and Environmental Concerns: Gen Z is deeply concerned about climate change and environmental issues. Sustainability initiatives, eco-friendly practices and authentic value are a core commitment when supporting businesses as Gen Z believe that collective responsibility along with civic engagement must be dedicated to drive the change.


  • Mental Health Focus: Mental health and wellness is a significant key for Gen Z to pursuit their career. They seek and support for a workplace that prioritize employees’ well-being and mental health and feel comfortable to address the social issues that may concern about their well-being and personal value.


As Gen Z already drive new trends, expectations and will ascend into leadership roles and becomes the key decision-makers that will significantly influence and reshape the standards of exhibition industry which eventually they will lead MICE industry.


Companies proactively adapting to these changes will not only attract top Gen Z talent but also position themselves as leaders in the evolving MICE landscape. These trends include:


  1. Companies with competitive salaries and benefits are likely to influence Gen Z’s decisions to join.
  2. Workplace flexibility or ‘work from anywhere’ appeals to Gen Z, as long as teams communicate effectively and complete their work.
  3. Gen Z has an appetite for learning new knowledge and skills to grow professionally, driven by competition with other generations.
  4. Company purposes and values must align with Gen Z’s beliefs, as they appreciate organizations participating in social issues, climate change, and environmentally friendly activities. Companies with strong purposes and authentic values can win the hearts and minds of Gen Z.


Navigating and integrating these aspects not only enhance the workplace environment but also ensure that the company remains at the forefront of the evolving MICE industry, ready to meet the challenges and opportunities presented by the Gen Z workforce and business travelers.