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Barry Siskind
UFIs Community Manager

We spend a huge amount of time on airplanes and in our industry there isn’t much we can do to avoid it. Air time is, after all, part of the job.

I read an interesting article published in Mashables and created by Air New Zealand entitled, “Travel Tips: How to Work and Relax While you Fly.”

According to the article how we plan to spend our time while flying is often different than what we actually do. For example, when travellers were asked how they intended to spend their time they reported:
Sleeping – 30%
Working – 30%
Eating – 15%
Movies – 10%
Reading – 7%
Music – 8%

But what actually happened was different
Sleeping – 75%
Working – 10%
Eating – 3%
Movies – 5%
Reading – 4%
Music – 3%

Interesting? I can see the risk of added stress when plans don’t meet reality. So how can the average traveller make that next flight a bit easier?

The article went on to list a number of tips. One worth mentioning is the five top essential carry-ons: water, snack, laptop, noise cancelling headphones, a real book and sunglasses or an eye mask.

Read the article before your next flight and let me know if any of the tips helped.