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Barry Siskind
UFIs Community Manager

Exhibition News posted a disturbing article in their last issue. According to UK based Plimsoll Publishing, in a recent survey of 651 exhibition service companies, nearly one third are ripe for takeover or failure. Plimsoll rated these companies as strong, good, average, caution and danger. Here are the results.

Strong – 276
Good – 61
Average – 76
Caution – 67
Danger – 171

Plimsoll has a pretty impressive track record. In the last 20 years their ratings of caution and danger were posted up to two years before the demise of the company.

This means the possibility of new players, more merged suppliers and the loss of companies within our industry with whom we have built a long track record.

While this study focuses on UK companies it is not a great stretch to assume that similar results could be found in many other markets.