In today’s evolving business landscape, the role of the exhibition organizer has transcended beyond traditional boundaries. As the global economy advances through the post-COVID-19 era, organizers must prepare for the ‘Future Global Agenda’, which comprises environmental impact, biotech and advanced materials, digital and advanced engineering, and society and demographics. It is vital that exhibition organizers adapt to these agendas to ensure their continued success in building marketplaces and industrial partnerships.

This blog explores the future global and what can exhibition organizers do to prepare for the upcoming changes.

Exhibition organizers across the multiple countries have encounter various global changes impacting society, communities, human behaviors, and environmental issues, which are accelerating changes on how the private sector conduct businesses.

For example, the concern on climate change and environmental crisis are pushing exhibition organizers to explore ways to support decarbonization of energy in trade shows or the industry sectors they support. Meanwhile, rapid progress in digital and biotechnological fields is reshaping the exhibition landscape, urging organizers to tap into opportunities from these advancements. Efforts to keep pace with these transformations call for a blend of modern technology and eco-friendly practices, requiring an engaging and forward-thinking exhibition environment.

In Thailand, exhibition organizers are dedicating their efforts to creating a positive impact, capitalizing on opportunities, and continuously seeking solutions to overcome challenges. With the introduction of ‘Flagship’ industries such as food security, creative soft power, and advanced manufacturing, these sectors envision the expansion of business opportunities and workforce development. Exhibition organizers play a significant role in fostering partnerships that attract diverse exhibitors and visitors from these flagship industries, fostering a vibrant atmosphere that encourages dialogue and networking opportunities. This effort not only drives the advancement of the industry but also cultivates a supportive and secure environment for exhibitions.

Embracing new ideas for organizing exhibitions alongside conventions considerably rises in the current landscape. The ‘Future Global Agenda’ allows the possibility of these ideas to come to fruition, leading to an expansion of business opportunities and a more extensive network of industry players. Big Data Digital Platforms offer a promising avenue for enhanced engagement and collaboration within the sector.

This shift towards the future global agenda signifies a significant step forward in bolstering the exhibition industry’s capacity to adapt and thrive in an evolving business environment.