Letter from the President

When following all the dynamic developments around our industry in recent months, the phrase “from zero to hero” comes to my mind. The speed with which we have raced out of the pandemic slump… our business model confirmed, our purpose revigorated, our colleagues giving it all to serve our customers… what a pace. What an experience to live through.

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Trade Exhibition: The Catalyst of Growth for Thailand’s Industries

Trade exhibition plays an important role in providing a platform for industrialists to conduct businesses on an international and local scale. They make a significant contribution to multiple industry sectors around the world.

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Register and Book Your Hotel Rooms for the UFI Congress Today!

The 90th UFI Global Congress lands on the shores on North America this November 1-4, to the oasis in the desert known as Las Vegas. This is the first time this event has been held in the US and there are some Vegas-sized things planned for delegates and sponsors.

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Message from the CEO

It’s certainly a busy time again for our industry – and for the UFI team, which is active literally all around the world again these past weeks. In China, at the CEFCO conference. In Turkiye, meeting government officials and members. In Doha/Qatar, with our MEA Conference. In San José/Costa Rica, with our LatAm Conference. In Washington, DC/USA, with a joint event with mdg and SISO alongside the ECEF Conference.

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TCEB Announced Empowerment Measures to Elevate Exhibition Ecosystem to the Next Level

Trade exhibition plays a significant role in assisting businesses to identify lucrative opportunities of overseas markets. Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) is pleased to introduce its ‘Five Year Action Plan’ (2023 – 2027), committing its goal as CPCT to empower trade exhibition to the next level.

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Letter from the President

This year is an election year at UFI. In spring, you will all elect the new leaderships for our regional chapters around the world. Later, after the summer, we will have the Board elections. In parallel, the working groups and committees will as well elect their new leaders. At UFI, these are open elections, there is no “roster of candidates” pre-selected by a Board and put forward for approval.

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TCEB Unveils Five-Year Plan Propelling Thailand’s Mice Industry On Global Stage

Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) is unveiling its five-year action plan (2023-2027) under the TCEB Go strategy and Thailand MICE to Meet You Year 2023 campaign in a bid to revitalize the economy and promote Thailand as a premier MICE destination on the global stage. The TCEB Go strategy is executed through five strategic approaches...

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