31st UFI Global Barometer: Asking ChatGPT to anlayse the numbers

In our latest UFI Global Barometer we are – for the first time – sharing data tracking the adoption of the use of Generative AI in the exhibition industry. We discussed how to interpret the data – and we decided to ask ChatGPT to analyse the numbers

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Las Vegas, Entertainment Capital of the World!

Las Vegas, this year’s destination for the UFI Congress is known as the World’s Entertainment Capital for a reason! For those delegates who wish to, there are a plethora (really!) of artists and shows to see. A quick look for the dates of Oct. 25-Nov. 6 is below.

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Update from the CEO

In life as in business, closure is important. It marks a moment in time when something truly comes to an end. A few days ago, I felt a sense of closure, attending an industry summit in Shanghai. Again, for one more time and for one last time, I was at a major meeting where colleagues from our industry were meeting again for the first time after the pandemic break in their region.

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Message from the CEO

Spending some time at IMEX in Frankfurt a few days back, being involved in various industry initiatives, I once again experienced that we are a “we” industry.  An industry that delivers best when people, businesses, and organisations work together. Collaboration happens on every level. Done well, it makes a difference. In a discussion at IMEX, a room full of association and policy leaders was asked to state what is holding our industry back. The results were shown in a cloud of words. One of the biggest terms: “Industry Egos”. A timely reminder from within our global industry leadership that getting things done needs frameworks and structures, but mostly the willingness to walk together, not alone.

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Letter from the President

This edition of UFI Info goes out just one day before our annual “Global Exhibitions Day”. As you read these lines, colleagues around the world are putting the final touches to their activities and posts for this biggest advocacy day of our industry. Across the time zones – from Auckland in New Zealand to Las Vegas in the US – a flurry of on site and online activities will hit local venues and social media alike...

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Learn about the UFI Congress’s Headquarters Hotel, ARIA Resort & Casino

The ARIA Resort & Casino is the headquarters hotel for the upcoming UFI Congress in Las Vegas, Nov. 1-4. Located in the center of the world-famous Las Vegas Strip, the venue is part of MGM’s Luxury Meetings District, along with the Bellagio, Cosmopolitan, Nomad, Park MGM and Vdara. The District accommodates groups up to 10,000 attendees looking for a contained and innovative large group experience.

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Taking Strides Towards a Greener Trade Exhibition Experience

Growing concerns for the environment from consumers have added pressure on businesses to contribute greater environmental care. This growing concern for environmental impacts is also far reaching, impacting the global exhibition industry, including Thailand. Exhibitors and visitors of trade exhibitions alike are becoming interested in making sustainability-focus choices.

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